TASTY Tuesday NIGHT/ LIVE chats are so MUCH MORE !

Join a group of amazing, strong, honest, smart Women trying to Live Life Happily Ever After ! We are all at different pLaces  in our Lives: raiseing  a family, working full-time,empty nesters…

We all share Treasure/desire and subPORT/ judgement free our Marriages/LTR. Wewant to grow and fix if somethings  broken !

Please  introduce when you arrive ….share a POSITIVE thing !

               We subSocialize from 8-8:15 PM   

Private Message or email subBB for key to enter subLanding             subbabe83@gmail.com

April 24 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

Black Obsidian: Our LOVE is Bound 

Will Calloway give up being a Dom for Rome ?

The  submissiveSisterHood ;It’s MORE than a collar !