a VEGGIE TALE…  Organic of course !

I grab a basket headed towards Produce, late and not in such a great mood!  I pretty much stick to the normals: carrots, apples, bananas… I see Texas Strawberries on sale, so I veer towards them and literally STOP !  I hear first a grumpy, ,tired, condescending voice. She is leaning over the basket dressed in faded out yoga pants, house slippers and a T-shirt that had seen better days.

There he stood like a statue just staring at her while she LOUDLY told him to put back the container of strawberries in his hand, she proceeded to tell him how to pick out the correct Strawberries. 

I briefly connected eyes with them both. Could they tell I was Horrified? I doubt it.  I felt so bad for him as a Man, even worse for her as a female.  I think to myself… was that Us at once time?

EEK!  I say a quick prayer that my DomHusband has embraced this New way in Our Marriage and that I had the Love and Courage to ASK for it! 

I share this because everyday/everywhere we can let our Ds Dynamic SHINE through!

I can PROMISE you this;  next time I’m on the Veggie aisle with Sir… it will be another post!