I have shared before…Yes; my Sir is Tex@TexasDom1.
Recently, he joined hundreds of men in Orlando @ the #21Con/ the 21 Convention. Being asked to speak honored Tex. I hope your will share this with your Sir no matter Where you are at in your Ds, your age, empty Nester or still raising a family,I Believe you will find this a POWERFUL share. When Sir Tex puts himself out there, it always draws people to the submissiveSisterHood. This being one of the reasons for the OPEN/site till the end of November. So, many are looking for Hope…I too feel Ds is catching Fire for many couples!

Tex@TexasDom1 : I’m a 50’s Texan. I’ve got strong opinions of relationships, music, politics and Masculinity. Married 30 years to a beautiful submissive the world knows as Curveycatsub ^^. We live a D/s lifestyle: Think 50’s Head of Household. One leader, a Warrior, each of us embracing our roles, NO more Power struggles!

#21Con : The four days were loaded with intense discussions and varied topics.
There was definitely something for any man of any relationship status or age.
The event has evolved over the last 11 years into something Powerful.
Interacting with men from all over the world Powerful friendships were forged. I witnessed fires being lit inside men all around me.